That's a First!

04 August, 2012 2 comments Leave a comment

Aloha Folks,

Normally our Blog: That's a First! is going to be our tool to share with you the most recent in the bizarre, weird and just plain silly stuff our clients have us do.  ;)

Today it was something that one of our clients or perhaps just a passer by did, that made us say: "That's a First!"

Thanks to whoever decided that our bag display needed a little help:


This was seriously left in our bag display like this!  We found it around noon today!

At least they had good taste in beer! :)

When you are in Kona there are two things you need to do: 

Get a Henna at Kona Henna, and drink a Kona Brew, not necessarily at the same time! ;)

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  1. Maria August 04, 2012

    Bahahaaaaa! That’s definitely a first!

  2. Sarg August 04, 2012