Our Company

Kona Henna was founded in 2000 by Maria and Shadow Diessner.  Like most people we started out doing henna at home for fun.  We quickly realized that the products we were purchasing were hard to use, messy, and just plain didn't work very well.  So we set out, determined to make a product that worked better than anything else on the market.

Our humble journey started with manufacturing henna kits in our living room and doing henna at farmer's markets and festivals.  Now 16 years later Kona Henna is one of the Leading Henna Studios in the country and one of the leading manufacturers of Professional Henna Supplies.

Our Company is based in Kona, Hawaii.  Or as we like to call it... "PARADISE"!  All of our Kona Henna Brand products are manufactured here in Hawaii.  Yep that's right, made in the USA!

Kona Henna is Green!

Our Kona Henna Products are made from 100% Certified Organic Ingredients which means that the land, water, and people that grow our ingredients are much healthier.

All of our packaging and bottles are recyclable.

We want you to have the best henna art and experience possible!  All of our Henna Artists have been trained to our high standards, and use only our Certified Organic Kona Henna Brand Products.

Meet our Team:

Kona Henna Founder and Master Henna Artist, Maria Diessner, has over 16 years of professional experience combining the use of traditional mehndi design, contemporary tattoo design, and Hawaiian styles to create a truly unique style of Henna Art. 



Kona Henna Founder and "Man behind the Curtain" Shadow Diessner, is the backbone of Kona Henna, the One who does it all!...except for Henna ;) 


Kona Henna Studio Manager and Henna Artist, Robin Higman, is an amazing artist and has been managing our Kona Henna Studio for the last 6 years!