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Our Professional Quality Kona Henna Kits are Guaranteed to be the easiest to use, darkest staining, longest lasting Henna Kits made.  Kona Henna products are the #1 choice of first timers and Professional Henna Artists worldwide!


At Kona Henna we use only the finest all natural ingredients.   We always start with the freshest, Certified Organic Indian Henna Powder.  Then hand-sift it to ensure smooth henna paste with no clogs.  Our All Natural Kona Henna Solution is designed to create the darkest staining, longest lasting henna designs possible.

Kona Henna Kits give you perfectly measured batches of Kona Henna Powder and Kona Henna Solution for easy use and perfect consistency every time.



How it works

Once applied henna paste will stay on the skin for 3-12 hours, gradually falling off throughout this time.  The longer the paste is on the skin, the darker the design will be, and the longer it will last.  After the paste falls off, the design will be lighter orange, darkening to full color over the next 48 hours.


Henna colors the skin in a range of beautiful reddish browns.  Color and life of henna designs depend on skin type and placement. Most parts of the body will last 2 weeks.  Closer to the hands and feet will last longer and get darker. Palms and soles will last the longest, usually 4 weeks or more.

The products included in our Kona Henna Kits are the very same Henna and Tools used daily in our Kona Henna Studio in Hawaii for over 16 years!

Professional Strength.  Professional Tools.  Professional Results.  GUARANTEED!!! 



Henna is a 100% natural plant dye made from the leaves of the henna shrub (lawsonia inermis).

It has been used for over 5000 years to decorate skin with beautiful reddish brown designs.  Traditionally used in India, the Middle East, and Northern Africa for weddings and celebrations.

Brides are decorated for hours by a mehndi (henna) artist, and by friends and family for her upcoming wedding.   The wedding party is also sometimes decorated for the celebration.

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Henna is also traditionally used to decorate pregnant bellies as a blessing to mother and baby for safe birthing and celebration of new life.

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The word "Henna" comes from the Arabic word Hina.  In the Bible henna is referred to as Camphire.